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Perpetuus Capital provides investment advisory services to private clients, charitable foundations and institutions.


We recognize that individual and family client needs change over time, however the need for an independent, objective, and capable advisor will not. Perpetuus combines our unique service offering tailored to the needs, objectives, and risk profile of each client.  

Our approach to portfolio management is focused on active investment strategies. We are not passive "buy and hold" investors or simplistic asset allocators whose investment decisions are based on designing portfolios on one-size-fits-all models. We strive to maximize performance in all market conditions by combining our investment expertise with proprietary risk management tools.  


We emphasize portfolio cost controls through our unique execution capabilities and pre-negotiated fees with top-tier banking institutions.  


Our services extend beyond portfolio management to encompass:


  • Estate & wealth transfer planning

  • Tax planning

  • Business acquisition / sale consulting

Advisory. Access.



The philosophy:

Age old values, cutting edge techniques.



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